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  1. The World’s Most Innovative Companies

    Honorees by sector


    DBP Donut connects indie filmmakers with brands and digital platforms to develop a new way to create short-form content. DBP Donut was the first company to be tapped by Snap and NBCUniversal to develop scripted series for Snapchat. In 2018, the company created two new series that mark the first time premium indie film-storytelling techniques came…

  3. How The Duplass Brothers Are Bringing Their Indie Creativity To Brands

    “As our guest, take one copy on your way out,” Mark Duplass instructs me, waving his hand at a coffee table strewn with a collection of worn video cassette tape boxes showcasing a range of classic titles titles from the ’80s and ’90’s. “But do that last because you really don’t want us to know these…